Home Fire Restoration – Your Questions Answered

Whether it begins as a small flame or an extreme incident, fire can cause devastation to a home. From lingering odours to outright destruction, a fire can be an enduring nightmare for a homeowner. Today we're answering some of the questions we have received to help you feel more informed about fire damage and fire restoration.

Most fires at home occur through faulty wiring, naked flames or any of the myriad of minor issues that can get out of control. Fire prevention is essential in any home, but when the worst does happen, knowing what to do and how restoration works will help you stay calm in a crisis.

What do I need to have at home in case a fire breaks out?

Every home needs a well-located fire extinguisher, fire blanket, and smoke alarms. Place the blanket and extinguisher somewhere with easy access for all of the family in case a fire ever breaks out. Place your smoke alarms near your kitchen, open fires and other potential dangers.

You should also have a defined exit route; everybody in the family should know it. If you have multiple floors or a front and back door, map out different exit routes. You must be able to leave safely if one exit becomes blocked by fire. Your fire exits should be unlocked or have keys in the lock on the inside. Always leave them clear, and don't estimate the power of a home fire drill.

What should I do if I discover a fire at home?

Our number one tip is to work on prevention. We have a comprehensive list of winter fire safety tips to help you avoid a fire starting. If a fire does break out, you will need to judge if it is at a level you can handle. Fast action is critical, but if it is already out of control when you come across it, it may be better to stay back and call the fire department. 

If the fire is contained, use your fire extinguisher if it isn’t an oil-based fire (unless you have the correct type of extinguisher), and then smother the flames with the fire blanket. Never lift the blanket or get close to it until a minimum of 30 minutes have passed. 

Once the fire is under control, whether by you or a fire professional, call us to survey the damage. Once we are on our way, phone your insurance company. Make sure you let them know that ServiceMaster Restore is on the way, as this can have a significant, positive effect on your insurance claim. 

How long does it take to restore my home from fire damage?

It depends! The extent of the damage is hard to predict until a home has been surveyed by a professional. Some jobs may take a few hours if they mainly involve odour removal and quick touch-ups. If you have significant damage, the extent of it will dictate how long the restoration will take.

What do I do if the extent of the fire damage is serious?

The first concern if you believe you have extreme fire damage is the stability of your home. Don’t linger; even to survey the damage. Get your family safely out of your home and call a professional to see what is needed.

If you have structural damage, damaged flooring, roofs, windows or any other significant damage, you will need a professional damage restoration service. Our highly-trained team can deal with any variety of disaster, so we will be able to restore the fire damage, whether it is superficial or integral to your building.

Can I clean up any fire damage myself? 

We know that speed will be one of your top concerns, but we don’t recommend doing it yourself. We are available 24/7/365, so if you urgently need help, we will be able to restore your home’s fire damage much quicker and more effectively than you will. Professional fire restoration services use high-grade equipment and test the damage with an array of chemicals before diving in. This process ensures that the damage is erased as much as is possible.

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Fires can be extremely distressing, no matter the scale but remember that you and your family are the number one priority. If fire damage gets out of hand, call us and then your insurance agent, and we’ll be there to restore your home. Want to talk about fire damage restoration? Speak to us today to find out more.

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