A Complete Guide to Professional Upholstery Cleaning

With brighter days arriving in New Brunswick, you might think it is time for a spring clean. Upholstery can house all manner of grime and odours; a professional upholstery cleaning can freshen up your home. Let's look at what's involved and how it can help.

Remember that new sofa smell the day it was delivered? The way your hearth rug was fresh and bright? When we live with something every day, we sometimes lose sight of its gradual deterioration, but it is often nothing a quick upholstery clean can't fix!

Why is it important to have your upholstery cleaned?

Our fabric furnishings are often used daily and can quickly accumulate dirt, even in the cleanest homes. Add in a careless crumb or two, a spilt soda or even just a room that got dusted - those tiny particles can add up.

What are the benefits of professional upholstery cleaning?

It isn't all about looks, but we've got to tell you that the visual effect of a professional upholstery clean will shock you. It will surprise you when you see how much brighter and fresher your fabrics look after a professional cleaning.

But it isn't all about looks. A professional upholstery clean removes dirt and particles at a level home equipment can't reach, removing it at the source. This deep cleaning procedure renews the integrity of your fibres, prolonging the life of your upholstery when carried out regularly.

If you or your loved ones suffer from asthma or allergies, a deep upholstery clean can also help keep their conditions under control. Deeply embedded contaminants can wreak havoc on allergies and respiratory conditions, so help them breathe easily with a regular clean.

Mould can be hard to shift. If you have spilled food or drink on your upholstery or experienced a leak or flood, mould could lurk at your furnishing's core. Professional upholstery cleaning will be able to reach mould spores deep in your furnishings and destroy them so they won't regrow.

Other things you can do to prolong the life of your upholstery

  • Avoid placing your upholstery in direct sunlight. If you can't avoid this, solar window film can reduce the fading.

  • Avoid placing your upholstery somewhere very hot or very cold. Furniture likes temperature moderation just as you do, so keep it away from radiators, open fires, and even air conditioning units.

  • Allow fresh air to circulate in your home regularly. Moving air will help to prevent dampness and mould issues in your home and your furnishings.

Why should you choose ServiceMaster for your upholstery cleaning?

ServiceMaster Clean has a reputation for its outstanding upholstery cleaning system. Our professional technicians are experts at selecting the right tools for your furnishings and the issues. Our services will never risk damaging your furniture, and our ability to treat and remove stains is practically unrivalled.

We're proud to offer ServiceMaster Green Cleaning, our range of odourless and solvent-free cleaning products approved by leading environmental organizations. They don't contain VOCs and are as effective as traditional cleaning products. It's the right thing for you and the environment.

Find out more about ServiceMaster Green Cleaning.

If you would like a free quote for professional cleaning in your home or business, please call our expert team today. It doesn't just stop at upholstery, either. Talk to us about carpets, grouting, floors, woodwork, and more.

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