Post-construction Cleaning Services – an FAQ

For all its benefits, construction or renovation is not a tidy business! Whether you are a homeowner, business owner or construction team, we’re breaking down everything you need to know about post-construction cleaning services.

When you undertake a serious construction or renovation project, the disruption can last longer than the task. Whether you are looking for a post-construction or after-renovation cleaning service, we are here to help you get informed.

Why would building owners want to hire a construction clean service?

Most professional construction or renovation crews will leave your home or business in a workable state once they leave these days. However, if they haven't fulfilled this part of their contract to your satisfaction, it can be a headache either waiting for them to return and complete it or carrying out the cleaning yourself. While we hope this doesn't happen, if it does, hiring a post-construction cleaning team will ensure your home or business is in perfect condition, letting you resume your normal activities.

Why would construction teams want to hire a construction clean service?

As we mentioned above, there is increasing pressure for construction teams to leave a site in pristine condition. Maybe someone is moving straight into a property, or a business will lose money each day they are closed. It is part of a professional construction or renovation experience to leave the site ready for use immediately. However, not all construction teams have the skills or equipment to carry out an appropriate post-construction clean service. Investing in the training and equipment can be a costly solution; by hiring an expert team, you will sidestep this issue, appear highly professional, and broker a powerful partnership between your team and ours.

Of course, you may have the training and equipment, but even then, there are times when jobs are piling up, and it is quicker and easier for you to move on while we finish up.

Leave your clients delighted with their spotless space.

What’s different about a post-construction or renovation clean?

A trained team will have a great eye for detail and knowledge of what needs to be done based on experience on similar sites. Professional equipment is used to deep clean at a level that residential equipment just can’t reach. It includes issues you can see, such as dirt and rubble, but also odours and polluted air particles.

What's included in a post-construction clean-up?

Every construction job is different so your cleaning needs will be too. That said, here are some of the most common elements completed when our professional team completes a building site clean.

  • Clearing of any remaining debris, dust and dirt

  • Deep clean of all flooring incl. hardwood floors and carpeting

  • Deep clean of any exposed soft furnishings

  • Removal of wall scuffs and dirt

  • Dusting and cleaning of all hard surfaces

  • Sanitization of any necessary areas (kitchen spaces, nurseries etc.)

  • Cleaning of windows and trims

  • Removal of lingering odours or air quality issues


Do I need to be there for a post-construction clean?

Absolutely not. There will be dust and possible contaminants floating around, so we encourage you to leave us to it! Our team will ensure the space is safe and clean for when you return. All we need is full access to the property.

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What are the average post-construction cleaning rates?

Unfortunately, this is one question we can’t answer in this article. Construction and renovation projects vary greatly in size and so will your clean. The size of the area to clean and the number of staff needed will affect what you can expect to pay. We are happy to give you a free quote or estimate for your project.

Let us Restore your Peace of Mind

Why walk into a building site when you can walk into a spotless home or business? We know you want to enjoy the results of your new construction or renovation project, and with us by your side, you can. If you have a construction project planned,  speak to us today to book your post-construction clean.

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