5 reasons to have professional carpet cleaning ahead of Christmas

Christmas is coming up fast and, with it comes a slew of to-dos to make the perfect event for friends and family. Professional carpet cleaning may not be high up on your list but, here are five good reasons why you might want to get it booked.

During the holiday season, our homes are under scrutiny from friends and neighbours popping over with gifts, but more so, from ourselves. We love to make our homes look perfect throughout the holiday season. This year, look at the tasks that will make a real difference, including professional carpet cleaning.

1. Healthier floors for all to sit on

During the holidays, families across Canada sit on the floor. We're unwrapping presents, watching movies with the kids, playing board games with our loved ones. Carpet cleaning will remove allergens such as dust, outside dirt, and germs that have become ingrained in the fibre. It will eradicate mites, pet hair, and other allergens too. Even mould, which can be a serious health risk, will be removed by professional carpet cleaning equipment.

2. Freshness you can smell

Unless you are experiencing a specific issue, odour build-up in our homes is hard to detect. The spaces we spend the most time in can grow to have a familiar smell that we would react to if it wasn't our own home. Professional carpet cleaning leaves carpets smelling fresh as the day you got it. They won't just look clean; professional equipment gets to the root of the fibre, effectively lifting our odours and lingering smells.

3. It's good for the carpet!

It's an often forgotten benefit of carpet cleaning but, it can prolong the life of your carpet. By removing bacteria, dust particles etc. the strands will be revitalized. They will look brighter, but cleaning will also help to mitigate the damage from the constant tread your carpets endure. Carpets are an investment piece for any home and with a little TLC, they can last you much longer.

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4. You'll have a merrier Christmas

A freshly clean home can give you a major psychological boost! Smelling, seeing, touching anything freshly cleaned can trigger endorphins in our brains making us feel good, and at the very least, making us a little less stressed.

5. Holiday pics you can be proud of

With festivities still far from the norm across most of Canada, you may not be having many visitors… but we don't want our loved ones to miss out. Photos, Zoom calls, and other forms of digital contact mean your home is still on display, wherever your loved ones may be. Any stains or marks on your carpet will be swiftly removed by professional cleaning equipment, leading to immaculate homes for Instagram-worthy pics.

Let us Restore your Peace of Mind

This holiday season, make your carpets one less thing to worry about. Our expert team will restore your carpet to its former glory and make unsightly wine or coffee stains nothing more than a memory.

If you would like pristine carpets to lounge on this holiday season, contact us today.

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