Causes of water damage in the home

Are you looking for potential causes of water damage in your home? Here's a list of some of the most common culprits and what you should do when you find them.

Atlantic Canadian weather is getting more extreme by the year, and, with it, damage to homes and properties is skyrocketing. Flooding, extreme heat, heavy snowfall and hurricanes make it hard to know what to do next to protect our homes, yet water damage remains the number one cause of personal property claims in Canada.

What is water damage?

Water damage is an all-encompassing description for everything from rot and delamination all the way to disasters such as burst pipes and flooding. You may have minimal water damage, such as water spots, that start as an aesthetic issue or, in extreme circumstances, severe structural issues.

If you see water spots or rising damp, act quickly to find and solve the root of the issue or get in our team to help you pinpoint and fix it, along with the ill effects.

Causes of water damage – leaky roof

Leaky rooves are one of the most well-known causes of water damage in a home, yet few of us do much to mitigate it. Even a small leak can cause an escalating problem, and you may not realize the extent of the issue until things have progressed dangerously far.

The fix: Get your roof and gutters checked and maintained by a professional before Autumn hits each year.

Causes of water damage – condensation

Condensation tends to be so low on our priority list that it can run unopposed for years, yet it can have damaging effects on your home. Condensation can be caused by double glazing, air conditioning or old and malfunctioning appliances. If left to progress, it can cause water spots, mould and eventually, structural issues.

The fix: Make sure to wipe excess condensation from your window interiors and address any condensation sources throughout your home.

Causes of water damage – drains

Whether it is a backed-up sewage pipe or a blocked pipe, drains can cause serious water damage in a short space of time. This can be in the form of a drip, an overflow or even a pipe bursting if the blockage and pressure are severe enough.

The fix: Check exterior drains and pipes are clear regularly (a monthly note on the calendar is good for this) and if you see a drain backing up in the house, make sure to address and remove the blockage.

Causes of water damage – flooding

Unfortunately, our weather has become less predictable and more extreme in nature. If heavy rainfall or snow is forecast, it can exacerbate existing leaks, cause pressure to build in exterior drains and gutters, or even cause riverbanks to burst.

The fix: In the case of severe flooding of your home, your best and safest bet is to vacate the premises as soon as possible. Leave the situation to our team of professionals; we will stem the flow and safely dry your home.

Severe water damage checklist

If your home has suffered from flooding or a burst pipe, here are the steps you should take:

  • If the issue is a burst pipe, turn off the mains water supply to your home or close the valve on the pipe if that is an option.

  • Turn off the electrics if easily accessible and get your family somewhere safe.

  • Call your insurance company.

  • Call us on our 24/7 helpline, open 365 days a year - 506-800-9503. We will get straight to work restoring your property to its former condition. The quicker we are informed of your situation, the easier it is to get things back to how they should be.

Mould issues after water damage

If you have water damage that you have dealt with yourself, be aware of the potential side effect of mould. Professional drying out techniques will ensure this doesn't occur. If you see mould, use a mould removal expert such as our team, to remove the health risks and eradicate the source of the problem.

Let us Restore your Peace of Mind

Water damage can be devastating to a family home, but our highly trained and certified technicians use the latest techniques and equipment to turn things around quickly. We are prepared to handle any emergency 24 hours a day, 365 days a year as your emergency is ours too.

If you have water damage or are experiencing mould problems in its wake, contact us today and we'll get things sorted, quickly and safely.

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