Storm repair and how to minimize damage to your home or business

Our climate is becoming increasingly unpredictable with tropical storms, intense heat and even hurricanes becoming all too common during our summer months. There are steps you can take before and after a storm to ensure minimal damage and a speedy post-storm repair.

The long-term forecast for Atlantic Canada is looking tumultuous at the time of writing. We are told to expect a “very warm, humid, and stormy summer” with plentiful rain and a heightened risk of tropical storms. So, what can we do about it to protect our homes and businesses?

Expect the unexpected

Keep an eye on the long and short-term forecasts, especially if you plan on travelling this summer. Before leaving your home or business for an extended period you should do some quick and simple checks:

  • Is there any debris or loose items outside that should be removed or secured?

  • Are there any existing leaks or drafts that should be fixed while they are small?

  • Are all electronics somewhere safe in case of flooding? It may seem like overkill but keeping electrical devices off the ground and unplugged can save you a lot of potential headaches should flooding occur.

  • Are all doors and windows shut? It may seem obvious but check windows in rooms you seldom use along with sheds and outdoor spaces too.

Keep a watchful eye

The worst thing you can do after a storm is nothing. Even if you don't believe you need any storm repairs, you should always check the following:

  • Do any tiles or shingle appear to be out of place on your roof?

  • Are there any new leaks or drafts, however small?

  • Are any carpets or walls suffering from damp?

  • Did anything of note get uprooted in the exterior of your property?

If you are away from your property, ask a kindly neighbour or nearby business to check in on your property. The sooner you notice and deal with storm repairs, the less likely they are to escalate.

What to do if you need storm repairs

If the worst should happen and your home or business has been damaged, don't delay! Our team is available 24/7, 365 days a year to deal with extraordinary conditions so please give us a call as soon as you notice the damage. Storm repairs can vary from roof tiles to damp, but we are equipped and skilled to deal with tropical storm damage, flooding, winter weather and even earthquakes. You should:

  • Avoid any broken glass, mould (it could be a health risk) or flooding – your safety is number one!

  • Call our team on 506-800-9503

  • Relax as our team will arrive on site quickly and get straight to work

The longer an issue is left to fester, the worse it can become. A simple, timely fix could make all the difference between a quick fix and a costly reconstruction.

Let us Restore your Peace of Mind

We are here for you when you need us most. Whatever the weather may bring, our highly trained and certified technicians are prepared to deal with it swiftly and effectively.

If you need storm repairs, contact us today to restore your home or business.

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